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    Town of Herkimer property values went to full
    market value, (100% assessment), in 2006.

    There has been some growth in the Town of Herkimer
    recently.  A large Lowe’s Home Center opened in 2007
    at the east end of town but the Wal-Mart Super Center complex to the west is responsible for a large number of new business opening in that part of town.

    The Village of Herkimer celebrated its 200th birthday
    in 2006 with a year-long Bicentennial celebration! 
    The highlight was a wonderful parade that was held on
    September 22, 2006.  Several events were held throughout the year such as hot air balloon rides, a pie baking contest, concerts, symphony events, a time capsule collection,  a birthday cake in conjunction with the annual Easter Egg hunt and many, many more.


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